We Are On Your Side

Managing an insurance claim can be overwhelming. When we take on your case, we'll handle all the paperwork, follow-ups and negotiations. Every claim is unique and we service each customer on an individual basis, applying knowledge we have gained over there years. 

How the process works

Public Adjuster meets with you at the loss location for a FREE INSPECTION/ CLAIM CONSULTATION and...

Reviews your insurance policy to determine all applicable coverages and exclusions.

Thoroughly inspects your property, looking for all damages the insurance company may overlook outside as well as inside the building.

If necessary, can recommend a trust worthy mitigation company to perform temporary repairs and protect your property from suffering further damage

Documents the loss including detailed photos, measurements and applicable samples.

Files all necessary paperwork to insurance company and schedules property inspection with insurance adjuster

Reviews the insurance company estimates and makes all necessary adjustments to account for real world rebuilding and replacement costs

Estimates real-world construction, content personal property and/or business interruption costs.

Submits a proper settlement for your claim and guides you through the technical process to settle the claim and recover the full amount you are due.