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What is a Public Adjuster ?

A public adjuster is a licensed and trained specialist that adjusts and recovers insurance claims for damage losses to homeowners, commercial property owners and businesses. Public adjusters work solely for the policyholder and not for the insurance company.

Trust Illinois Best Public Adjuster

Our team of professionals will formulate and immediately implement a plan for recovery. We work closely with you, the insured, to understand your ultimate goal and to expedite your immediate needs.

Public Adjusters Pay For Themselves

Experiencing a loss at your home or business can be extremely disruptive and we will do all that we can to assist you as you recover and rebuild. the At Adjusting 101 we are committed to guiding you through the claim process with all the care, expertise and practical information that we can offer.

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What Our Clients Say

Let me start by saying I was dealing with an absolute nightmare. My entire home flooded. Unfortunately the general public (including myself) don’t know much about what we are entitled to and what the insurance is supposed to pay and what they are not supposed to pay for. Luckily I had Viktor and he was by far the most knowledgeable person I have ever encountered throughout my entire experience with this claim. I highly recommend him to anyone! Doesn’t matter how small or big the job is, Viktor is the perfect person for the job! Honest, trustworthy, and hard working! Viktor makes sure you are taken care of and not alone throughout this very stressful process! Thank you Viktor for everything you did for me! If it wasn’t for you I would have been lost!
Meghan K.Elk Grove Village
Your Rights

Insurance companies commit to themselves to minimize necessary repair costs and their payout to policyholders by taking advantage of the policyholder’s lack of experience. We can help protect you and uphold the insurance company’s obligation to make proper payments.

Our Specialties

Residential and commercial property loss for water, fire, earthquake, flood and theft. To this day, Adjusting 101 has currently handled over 2,000 damaged property claims.

How We Do It

With over 20 years of handling property claims and background experience as a contractor, Adjusting 101 strives on helping our clients receive the proper amount on their damaged properties, as well as guiding the insured throughout the whole entire process.

Who Are We ?

Adjusting 101 is an independent licensed public adjusting company. We represent you, the policy holder, for damage losses to your property caused by water, fire, earthquake, flood and theft.

We are a strong advocate for the insured by navigating and expediting the arduous and complex maze of the claims process. We realize that every insured’s claim is unique and we prepare and tailor each claim to address the insured’s specific situation.

Adjusting 101 is proud of our reputation for the swift and satisfactory recovery of settlements for damaged properties incurred by our clients. We use our expertise in protecting the insured from insufficient settlements from their insurance companies in the effort to restore your damaged property.

To help you decide if you should move forward with your claim on your own or with us at Adjusting 101, we offer a free consultation to help you make a peace of mind decision towards the recovery of your loss. We are a professional firm with the integrity and the passion to handle your claim to your complete satisfaction.

As licensed public insurance adjusters, we abide by strict code of ethics and regulations as set forth by the state of Illinois.


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